Final John Carter Trailer

John Carter opens in theaters on March 9th and we've got the final trailer for you. In it, we get a chance to see Carter (Taylor Kitsch) fighting for peace on Mars. That's right John Carter, of Earth, must save Mars, to save Earth. I'm sure it'll all make sense eventually.

And if you’re loving the trailers for this you may want to check out the book it’s based on  "A Princess of Mars," by  Edgar Rice Burroughs.

It’s a little Star Wars, a little Avatar, and a whole lot of crazy.  I was a little wary when I saw the first trailer, but special effects are fantastic, and I’m prepared to be wowed when this finally hits theaters. I think the White Ape scene kinda sold me. What I can say, I love a little gladiator action, and Kitsch’s hot body didn’t hurt either.


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